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Board Members

Following are the positions up for election and the incumbent board members' names are listed below:

District 1, Position 1 - Norma Turner

District 1, Position 5 - David McDaniel   

District 2, Position 3 - Robert Kendrick

District 2, Position 4 - Audrey Blue


The Committee on Nominations was apppointed at the August 2017 annual members' meeting and will meet in May to nominate members for the director postions up for election.


The committee members in District 1 are:

William Wernet, Hardeman County

Chester Cocke, Tipton County

Wayne Owen, Tipton County

Jimmy Burlison, Tipton County

Anthony Smith, Tipton County


District 2 members are:

Blair Weaver, Chester County

Clifton Exum, Madison County

Alsey Mann, Haywood County

Gloria Sweet-Love, Haywood County

Tony Scott, Haywood County


These committee members represent the membership with the utmost dedication and deserve special thanks for their work.

Every member of the cooperative should have a copy of the bylaws. 

Click the link below for bylaws concerning nominations and scroll down to Section 4.06.

Bylaws Article 4: Directors


STEMC is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the consumer-members each year prior to an annual meeting. For the purpose of representation, the service area is divided into two districts, basically separated by the Hatchie River, each district being represented by five Directors. Each of two consecutive years, three Directors are elected for three-year terms, and in the third year, four Directors are elected for three-year terms. The Board of Directors elects one of its members Chairman, who is the chief executive officer of the Cooperative.

The Board of Directors is responsible for approving policies and plans, for the financial well being of the Cooperative, for approving recommended changes to the Cooperative’s by-laws, and among other functions, the employment of a President, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business.


Audrey Blue, Haywood County  


Allan Ferguson, Hardeman County


Hugh Harvey Sr., Madison County
Robert Kendrick, Haywood County
Allen G. King, Haywood County
Pat Mann, Attorney
Claire Marshall, Tipton County
David McDaniel, Tipton County
Jackie Butler, Chester County
Tim Hanks, Tipton County
Norma Turner, Tipton County
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